Monday, September 20, 2010

406 W. Wisconsin Street

You may have noticed I haven't posted here in a good while. I decided to take a break as I determined how I and if I wanted to continue this blog. I'll try to continue posting, but the type and frequency of posts may change. I hope you'll still enjoy!

This interesting modern on Wisconsin street is currently in construction. I had a chance to speak with the owner awhile back ( I apologize in advance for having not caught his name). He owned the previous existing building for many years but for a very long time had his eyes set on building something that was uniquely "him". He has created a 3 story entryway space with a 20+ wall of glass block, which, at least in Old Town terms, certainly qualifies as unique. He seemed to be exercising some real thought concerning his design decisions. For example, the west facade of the building could have been a monotonous  grey brick wall, but by using multiple shades of grey and varied brick textures, he has created a more palatable edifice.  Construction is still on going, so stop by sometime to take a look.