Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Film Crew on Orleans Street

On a recent walk up Orleans street I stumbled across this film crew setting up their equipment for a n upcoming shoot.  Unfortunately, my reporter instinct was malfunctioning and I didn't muster up the nerve to go and pester them with such  critical inquiries as "what are you filming?" , "who is in it?" and "what does that thing over their do?" .  I did manage to snap this shot of the film crew in action.  Who knows, it could little more than a local commercial being shot, or something as exciting as a early test shooting for the next major Hollywood blockbuster, in Old Town one never knows.

Over the years Old Town has seen more than its fair share of television and film shoots take place on its streets.  In the future I'll go into detail about some of the projects that have shot on location in Old Town, but today I'd like to just tease the topic a little with the comment that stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Steve McQueen, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and Mini Driver have all had films with significant scenes shot in Old Town.

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