Monday, May 3, 2010

Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit

A quick heads up here on the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit.  I can't tell the story any better than Alderman herself, so the following is from the Alderman Vi Daley's website
Entering its ninth year, the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit (LSE) was created by Alderman Vi Daley to bring large-scale art to the neighborhoods in the ward.  The LSE this year has grown and will install 20 new sculptures around the 43rd and 44th wards.  The support of local businesses, individuals, groups and organizations makes it possible to present these ever changing sculptures on our streets.

For the 2010 exhibit, a jury selected twenty local artists’ sculptures to be sited in areas ranging from contemplative park settings to manufacturing districts, and from quiet residential streets to bustling commercial avenues. The large and mid-size sculptures take on new dimension when viewed in these urban landscapes throughout the area. The eye-catching sculptures will remain on display for 12 months.  In May of 2010 the current sculptures will be taken down and the new exhibit will be installed.

Chosen artists for 2010 include: Terry Karpowicz, Nicole Beck, Eric Steele, Shencheng Xu, John Adduci, Andrew Arvanetes and Jennifer Dickson. Todd Willing’s sculpture “Mesais representative of the American Southwest; while John Bannon’s work “Composition in Aluminum” is a decidedly more contemporary sculpture.  Jason Verbeek creates a “Living Sculpture” bringing sedum and chicks and hens to a steel sculpture.

You will see that it takes “Two to Tango” and what it really means to be “In Deep Rough.” And you won’t want to miss Andrew Arvanetes futuristic “Twist and Shout” or Ron Gard’s “Ripe Fig Split.”
Just to give you an Idea of what we are talking about, below I've linked to a couple of sculptures from the 2009 series, which will be taken down shortly, and replaced with new works.  I only hope the new works are as impressive and beautiful as these sculptures, which have enhanced our community for the past year.  You can see these sculptures, the rest of the 2009 sculptures, as well as the previous years sculptures, dating back to 2002 here at the Chicago Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit website.

“Going Green” • 12’ x 5’ x 6’ • Aluminum

Artist: Michael Young

Sponsor: Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce

Location: Clark Street - North of Drummond





“Chamber Muse Synesthesia” • 9’ x 4’ x 3’ • Epoxy Clad Steel

Artist: Richard Kiebdaj

Sponsor: Central Lake View Merchants Association

Location: Clark and Roscoe




“Bridge” • 4’ x 7.25’ x 3.75’ • Fiberglass with Iron Armature

Artist: Jennifer Dickson

Sponsor: Old Town Triangle Association

Location: Clark and Lincoln




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